Sunday, November 25, 2007

Re-learning how to FLY

I'm starting FLY Lady again as of today. I am so sick of my house. It's been overwhelmingly cluttered for about 2 years now. (Hey - that's about the same time my mom moved in with us . . . Coincidence?) My BFFJill (Mandy) is moving to the area (hopefully soon) and I am sick just thinking about the fact that there is no way I can have her over! I have even dreamed about it. The school librarian, too, was in that dream - and my husband's uncle. In the dream, they were all visiting at the same time with very little notice. Probably doesn't mean a thing, right?

My biggest setback has been my mom living here and not being highly cooperative. For instance, my morning routine used to include emptying the dishwasher. Well, when she first moved in and before I realized how deaf she is, I stopped doing that early in the morning to avoid waking her. Then she started emptying it after her breakfast and now it's to the point that if somebody does it before she does, she gets huffy. The worst part is that she can't reach all of the shelves, so some of them she just sets on the countertop for me to put away later. Well, that's just annoying! And actually nesting pans or bowls? No way! Ummm. . hello? Should I not be allowed to put my own clean dishes away? Starting tomorrow, I'm doing it again. bah humbug! I'm taking back control of my house, it's ridiculous. She can keep the laundry chore - but for some reason she doesn't feel the need to put THAT away, just pile it up in the family room! Ugh - a problem for another day!

Tomorrow - we start with the kitchen!


wfg said...

go lanie! You can do it!

Mandy said...

I thought I was your BFFRose