Monday, November 5, 2007

Crispy Crunchy Day

Crisp autumnal breezes and the crunching sound of dried leaves, the smell of burning logs wafting from a neighbor's fireplace, the freedom of a late Sunday afteroon; these are the makings of childhood memories.

Most of yesterday was one of the precious, rare "free days" for our family where we have no plans to be anyplace at a certain tme and we can just be us. Connie that the leaves needed to be raked. Always on top of those household chores, she is! At least those in which you can frolic!

Grandma played her assigned role by sighing about our coatlessness and how we would now have to re-do all our hard raking work. We decided that some people just don't get it. Later, we caught her watching out the picture window and chuckling. She's not fooling anybody with her gruff old lady act.

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wfg said...

Looks like fun! Yay for Autumn!

Topher said...

Seeing things like this is almost enough to make me miss Ohio falls. Actually, in a way I do. It's just the season that comes after it that makes me remember why I shouldn't miss it too much. ;)