Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What a relief, it's a new day! My gums hurt and probably will for more than a few days, but pain is much easier to handle than anxiety! I get to go back to the dentist Thursday afternoon - to take my mom and also a follow up for me. I forget what they'll be doing to me, but they don't have as much work to do as I had feared! I have one broken tooth, a cap that obviously needs replaced, and just one cavity.

I will have to go back to finish my cleaning another day as well. They did a "scaling" which is motivation to continue to go for cleanings every 6 months from now on. They take a red-hot poker with a crooked rusty fine-honed point (I couldn't see it, but that's what it felt like) and use it to dig under your gum line and try to pry your teeth out from your skull. Tears trickle down the side of your face without your realization!

Between that and the Chucke-E-Cheese fundraiser night for our school last night I had a fun-filled and pleasureful day. TGITuesday!

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