Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back to the dentist today. I think he will be working today on that broken molar, building it up so that he can put a crown on it at the end of the month. I'm not feeling quite as freaked out as last time, but there was quite a bit of tossing and turning last night. So much so that Hobbes left in a huff at about 4 a.m., bushy flag waving in his annoyance!

Seltzer has been vomitting the last couple of days and this morning he won't eat! Those who know Seltzer, well . . . he has never before gone off his feed. When I stocked up on kitty food the other day I absent-mindedly bought a brand that was different from the last time. I can't recall the name of the other brand, but will know it when I see the label. Dang, the 99 cent per can food isn't good enough for my old man, he wants the $1.09! It's a lot more liquified, so probably easier to handle with no fangs. I'll just give him a straw and he'll go to town! It's a big deal when he doesn't eat because then we can't administer his insulin. Poor buddy! I know he wants food because he sits in front of the dish, but with his backed turned on it. What a drama queen!

Oh, and I forgot to add that Mercury won't be quite recovered until NOVEMBER 17th!

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